Trials focussing on the new peat free and peat reduced growing medias

  • Osmocote 5 – S curved release pattern, building on the success of Osmocote Exact HiEnd.
  • New 5th generation Osmocote 5 focuses on the new growing medias, peat reduced and ultimately peat free. These medias present challenges in terms of higher pH’s and lower nutrient buffering. To address these issues Osmocote 5 has enhanced nutrient release, a new trace element system and a higher Nitrogen content.
  • The performance of Osmocote 5 by extensive product testing, globally for over 5 years, and the last 2 years in the UK and Ireland at independent research stations and comprehensive grower trials.
  • Plant safety testing – tested at standard, high and very high rates in different climatic zones to prove it’s safety
  • The OTEA-System
  • Nutrient matching release technology