The Osmocote 5 range incorporating
the latest technology for growers

Osmocote 5 features an NPK release pattern that matches the plant needs closer than ever before. It makes the uptake and usage of applied plant nutrition even more efficient and effective.

Matching Plant Demand

Osmocote 5 has been designed to match nutrient release to plant growth making it more efficient and effective. This nutrient matching technology has been extensively trialled around the world so ICL are able to guarantee optimum results.

Optimised Trace Element Availability System (OTEA)

The experts at ICL have refined the release of trace elements within Osmocote 5 to give growers the best performing product on the market. This improved delivery allows the chelated trace elements to be released throughout the longevity of the product improving the availability within the growing media. Uptake of trace elements is thus improved, optimising plant colour, health, and growth throughout the growing cycle.


Features and benefits of Osmocote 5

  • More efficient and effective uptake of applied plant nutrition, matching the NPK release pattern and the plant’s needs with more precision than ever before
  • Best possible plant colour, health and growth with the improved trace element delivery system
  • Highest nutrient release efficiency
  • Optimising the availability of trace elements in the growing media and their uptake by plants (OTEA System)
  • Highest safety for plants
  • Highest consistency: every bag of the product is identical
  • Coloured granules for longevity recognition