Applications and dosages rates
for Osmocote 5

1. How can I apply Osmocote 5?

We recommend that your growing media supplier mixes Osmocote 5 into your growing media, or to dose Osmocote 5 in the growing media bunker at the nursery when potting.

2. Can I apply Osmocote 5 into the plant hole or via side-dibbling?

Plant hole application is possible, but in general we recommend to mix Osmocote 5 into the growing medium. When plant hole dibbling, make sure you always layer some substrate onto the granules in a plant hole, before placing the young plant on top. Use a longevity of 5-6M or longer. The shortest longevity, 3-4M, should not be used for plant hole application.

3. What dosage rates should I apply?

You can find the recommended dosage rates for each Osmocote 5 here:


4. I used to apply Osmocote Exact Hi.End, what rates of Osmocote 5 should I apply?

You can apply the same dosage rates of Osmocote 5 as you did for Osmocote Exact Hi.End. Our technical advisors are at your disposal for free tailored advice and recommendations for your crop(s).

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